Friday, June 03, 2005

A Long-overdue Introduction

Welcome to the online home of The Cheap Seats, WNYU's call-in sports-talk show. You can catch The Cheap Seats every Monday and Friday at 7:30 pm Eastern time on WNYU 89.1 FM in the greater New York area, or worldwide on the Web at

The Cheap Seats has been around for nearly a decade, and we pride ourselves in covering the world of sports from a unique and interesting viewpoint. The show is hosted, engineered, produced, and staffed entirely by students at New York University, and that's the way we like it! Since none of us are beholden to any corporate interests (the station is non-commercial), we can and do speak our feelings on all topics in the world of sports.

Lance Medow, a senior and Journalism major in the College of Arts and Science, is the primary host of the show as well as the Sports Director at WNYU. He also provides play-by-play and color commentary for NYU Violet Men's and Women's basketball during the season. Lance is a native of Brooklyn, NY and a lifelong sports fan.

Zachary Geballe is also a senior Journalism major in the College of Arts and Science. He hosts the show on Mondays and joins Lance in the broadcast booth for Violets basketball. Zach calls Seattle, WA home and is often referred to as Big Time or the Geballosaurus.

Imtiaz Mussa, aka T-Bone, is a senior double-majoring in Politics and History in the College of Arts and Science. He host the show on Fridays, and is your in-studio host for Violet basketball. T-Bone is from Long Island, NY.

Rachel Steinberg is a junior double-majoring in Journalism and History in the College of Arts and Science. She often brings you the Two-Minute drill, and as a native of Philadelphia, PA, is the one we turn to whenever the City of Brotherly Love makes the news.

Bryan Koch is a senior double-majoring in Journalism and Philosophy in the College of Arts and Science, which makes him a perfect host of the Koch Watch, a media-criticism segment which airs every Friday. He's also another native Long Islander.

Keith Sabalja is a junior Marketing and Finance major in the Stern School of Business. He provides the answers to your trivia questions, as well as much more, each week with Sabalja's Solution. He's from Westchester, NY.

Zach Steinhorn is a senior Journalism major in the College of Arts and Science. He peers into his CyberBall every Monday to give you the latest fantasy baseball news and opinions, and often does the Two-Minute Drill as well. He's a native New Yorker.

Rob Maiale is a sophomore Journalism and History double-major in the College of Arts and Science. He's the youngest member of The Cheap Seats, and as such goes through much in the way of rookie hazing. He brings you the Two-Minute Drill on occasion, and is another Long Island boy.

Questions about The Cheap Seats, WNYU Sports, or the blog can either be left as comments or sent to sports at wnyu dot org.